Surveypaper for the lecture "Influential OS Research", dealing with hardware support (trusted execution environments" for DRM
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\acro{AA}{Attestation Agent}
\acro{API}{Application Programming Interface}
\acro{CDM}{Content Decryption Module}
\acro{CS}{Content Server}
\acro{DC}{DRM Controller}
\acro{DMCA}{Digital Millenium Copyright Act}
\acro{DRM}{Digital Rights Management}
\acro{EME}{Encrypted Media Extensions}
\acro{HDCP}{High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection}
\acro{IPC}{inter-process communication}
\acro{LD}{License Distributor}
\acro{MMU}{Memory Management Unit}
\acro{OS}{operating system}
\acro{PAVP}{Protected Audio Video Path}
\acro{SGX}{Software Guard Extensions}
\acro{SoC}{system on a chip}
\acro{TCB}{trusted computing base}
\acro{TEE}{Trusted Execution Environment}
\acro{TPM}{Trusted Platform Module}
\acro{UEFI}{Unified Extensible Firmware Interface}
\acro{VC}{Version Controller}
\acro{W3C}{World Wide Web Consortium}
\acro{WIPO}{World Intellectual Property Organization}