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title: Professional Expertise and CV
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I am a trained computer scientist, having received my **Diplom Informatik** (equivalent to Master of Science in Computer Science) from [TU Dresden]( in Feb 2022.
As most of online activities commonly happen under this pseudonym *schmittlauch* anyways, I decided to set up this overview without publicly revealing all my private information.
If this profile looks interesting to you or your company, I kindly ask you to **[contact me](./contact.html) for further information and discussions**.
### I am open for jobs that…
- …are **remote or in the Dresden area**:
Being currently located in Dresden (Germany) I do not want to move right at the start of the job. So far I am not entirely sure which field I'd like to work in exactly and want to ensure a good fit between job, company, and me before condidering longer-term relactions. This might change over time.
- …involve at least some work **on and with Free and Open Source Software**:
I am passionate about Free and Open Source software and would like to work not only with, but also on such open projects regularly on the job. This is a soft and flexible requirement, I do not expect all products to be Free Software. I do hope though to be able to contribute back to existing projects and communities, or be involved in new Open Source projects.
- …do **not involve work on** so-called **cryptocurrencies or Blockchain technology**.
## Excerpt from my CV
### Areas of Expertise
| | |
| **IT security** | network resilience and security, applied cryptography, pentesting basics |
| **P2P networks** | Distributed Hash Tables (emphasis: attacks and their mitigations), Friend-to-Friend overlay networks |
| **privacy** | privacy-enhancing technology, data protection, anonymity |
| **other** | dependable systems, computer networking and common application level protocols, federated systems |
| **psychology** | human cognition & perception, social psychology, human-machine-interaction |
| | |
#### Skills
| | |
| **programming languages** | *advanced knowledge:* Python, Haskell; *basic knowledge:* Java, C++, Bash, C, HTML5, CSS, Javascript |
| **GNU/Linux desktop & server administration** | NixOS, openSUSE, Gentoo, Debian, Archlinux; SailfishOS |
| **language skills** | German (native), English (business fluent), Spanish (basic working knowledge), Finnish (very basic conversational knowledge) |
| | |
### Work Experience
#### Tutor for Course “Operating Systems and Security” at Chair of Operating Systems, TU Dresden
📍 Dresden, Germany 🗓 10/2018 – 02/2019
- holding tutorials to revise, extend, and clarify the lecture content
#### Trainee: Security software research at Jolla Oy
📍 Tampere, Finland 🗓 01/2018 – 03/2018
- research, analysis & prototyping of Mandatory Access Control for a mobile Linux distribution
- Linux security mechanisms, RPM packaging
### Education
#### Diplominformatiker at [Dresden University of Technology](
📍 Dresden, Germany 🗓 10/2014 – 02/2022
- equivalent to *Master of Science in Computer Science*
- specialisation: system architecture, security, P2P networks
- Minor: psychology
- final grade: 1.4
- **Diplom thesis**: *Balanced and attack-resistant store and retrieval of content in friend-to-friend overlay networks*
- analysis of censorship attack impact on a Friend-to-Friend based Distributed Hash Table P2P storage system
- implementation of the R/Kademlia DHT on the VOUTE Friend-to-Friend overlay network in a simulator
#### Erasmus+ studies abroad at [Tampere University of Technology](
📍 Tampere, Finland 🗓 08/2017 – 12/2018
- studies of computer science and communication technologies
### Free and Open Source Work
- ![small NixOS logo]({static}/images/nixos_emojo.png){ height="12pt"} [NixOS package maintainer]( since 2018
- [Hash2Pub]( a Haskell-based implementation of the EpiChord DHT as a distributed post relay, WIP
- additional contributions can be found on my [GitHub]( and [Gitea]( profiles
### Public Speaking
- [Talk: Decentralised Hashtag Search and Subscription in Federated Social
Networks](, ActivityPub Conference 2019, Prague, Czech Republic.
- lead organizer of lecture series [“Free Software and Free Knowledge as a Profession”]( for FSFW Dresden

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