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@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ on:
# rebuild everyday at 2:51
# TIP: Choose a random time here so not all repositories are build at once:
- cron: '51 2 * * *'
- cron: '55 5 * * *'
@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ jobs:
# The repo name as used in
- schmittlauch
# Set this to cache your build results in cachix for faster builds
# in CI and for everyone who uses your cache.

@ -1,37 +1,6 @@
# nur-packages-template
**A template for [NUR]( repositories**
## Setup
1. Click on [Use this template]( to start a repo based on this template. (Do _not_ fork it.)
2. Add your packages to the [pkgs](./pkgs) directory and to
* Remember to mark the broken packages as `broken = true;` in the `meta`
attribute, or travis (and consequently caching) will fail!
* Library functions, modules and overlays go in the respective directories
3. Choose your CI: Depending on your preference you can use github actions (recommended) or [Travis ci](
- Github actions: Change your NUR repo name and optionally add a cachix name in [.github/workflows/build.yml](./.github/workflows/build.yml) and change the cron timer
to a random value as described in the file
- Travis ci: Change your NUR repo name and optionally your cachix repo name in
[.travis.yml](./.travis.yml). Than enable travis in your repo. You can add a cron job in the repository settings on travis to keep your cachix cache fresh
5. Change your travis and cachix names on the README template section and delete
the rest
6. [Add yourself to NUR](
## README template
# nur-packages
**My personal [NUR]( repository**
<!-- Remove this if you don't use github actions -->
![Build and populate cache](<YOUR-GITHUB-USER>/nur-packages/workflows/Build%20and%20populate%20cache/badge.svg)
Uncomment this if you use travis:
[![Build Status](<YOUR_TRAVIS_USERNAME>/nur-packages.svg?branch=master)](<YOUR_TRAVIS_USERNAME>/nur-packages)
[![Cachix Cache](<YOUR_CACHIX_CACHE_NAME>-blue.svg)](https://<YOUR_CACHIX_CACHE_NAME>
![Build and populate cache](