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const int fieldSize=8; // =fieldHeight=fieldWidth
extern char enemyc; //initially 0, contains char of enemy's stone
extern char ownc;
struct cell {
char content = '.';
unsigned short int timesVisited = 0;
struct move {
unsigned int turnRow;
unsigned int turnCol;
struct movesList {
unsigned int movesNumber = 0;
move *list = new move[100](); //eigentlich maximal 8*8-4 Lösungen, aber manche doppelt? -> Reserve
//returns the character used for the enemy's stones
extern char getEnemyChar(char);
//reads the stateBuffer string into a 2d matrix
extern int readStateBuffer(char*, cell (*)[fieldSize], unsigned int *, unsigned int *);
//iterates through field in all directions, stores moves into movesList
int findMoves(cell (*)[fieldSize], movesList *);